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Why is this important?

Why Benefits Realisation & Management so important? What are the benefits of managing outcomes?

New thinking is required, in this new economy, to maximize returns and enterprise value

Calculate Savings

Save Money and Resources

Allocate resources for optimum benefits (bet on the winners)

Streamline and automate benefits work (remove, reduce and replace)

Scale with less costs and resources (reduce growing pains)


Get Greater Returns

More informed decision making (evidence based on  insights)

Increased benefits: more, faster, longer (more bangs for your buck)

Financial and non-financial benefits are optimised (drive overall success)


Take Control of Benefits

Prioritise projects aligned to strategic objectives (see a golden thread)

Projects deliver benefits they are capable of (reduce value leakage)

Manage risk to benefits (focus attention where it matters)

Heart & Hands

Be Transparent & Accountable

Demonstrate use of resources to generate benefits (value for money)

Show results and process to gain trust and support (gain your freedom)

Deliver business case promises to stakeholders (demonstrate integrity)

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