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Business case development
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The business case is the center piece for your investment.   

What makes a good business case?

  1. Has measurable and lasting value to all stakeholders

  2. Can be funded 

  3. Can be delivered

  4. Can be managed and measured

  5. Has the right partner (procurement)

  6. And is aligned to strategy

The essence of your business case will continue long after funding has been approved, and the project has been mobilised.  

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A process that delivers a credible business case.


Our business cases get funded and delivered because they are based on sound logic, data and stakeholder confidence.

Our standard process consists of 

  1. Benefits identification & mapping

  2. Measure and target baselining (and research)

  3. Benefits planning

  4. Benefits accountability matrix for governance

  5. Preparation of business case document and presentation material

  6. Procurement​ (the commercial case)

  7. Support mobilisation of the project through education 

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