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Benefits Led Procurement

Every investment usually requires great partnerships.  And great partnerships are defined as providing the most value, measurable success and value to your investment business case.

Which is why Ascenza has developed a framework for Benefits Led Procurement. 

Why is Benefits Led Procurement better?

  1. We procure relationships & outcomes.

  2. Outcomes are derived from a benefits mapping exercise.

  3. Selection criteria are based on the measures, weights and contributions derived from a benefits map.

  4. Benefits Led Procurement is faster than traditional procurement because we invest time defining outcomes, not functional requirements.

For example, we would not tell Gordon Ramsey how to cook a great meal. Instead, we would define what a good meal tastes like, now its served and our appetite for risk and cost.  And then let Gordon do his magic.

Same with partners - they know more than us.  Define the outcome and let them tell us what we need.

Interested in running a procurement process using our framework? Contact Ascenza

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