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Benefits Education
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Ascenza offers two short training packages for professionals wanting to build foundational or more advanced skills.


Explore how to use benefits realisation management to optimise benefits from projects and change.

Gain a ‘Benefits Management mindset’, how to look at projects and change in new and more insightful ways. Understand how to get best started and the steps to take.

Develop your knowledge of the logical flow of information, activities and the key roles.

You will build a sound level of knowledge and confidence in benefits realisation management.

Foundation Course

  1. The strategic role of Benefits Management and its value to organisations

  2. The interrelationship between Benefits Management, Project Management and Governance processes

  3. The roles and responsibilities of key participants in the BM process

  4. How Benefits Maps can help improve the preparation and execution of Business Cases

  5. The keys steps to creating a benefits map and the subsequent analysis

  6. A practical approach to benefits realisation and how it’s used, with real-life examples. 

  7. How to use benefits realisation within your organisation: the issues it addresses and the benefits it brings. 

  8. Best practice steps to planning and managing benefits easily, with templates and tools. 

  9. Key techniques: Shareholder motivations, assessing information, data, engaging people and making strategy relevant.

  10. Some tools for identifying outcomes and stakeholder needs

This course is aimed at anyone who works with projects and change, regardless of technical or analytical backgrounds.


No prior experience of benefits realisation management is required. This course is the foundation course for further levels of certification to build on. 

The course runs for one day. It will take 8 hours to complete.

Advanced Course

  1. Explore each of the nine steps of the BM approach in detail.

  2. Through practice, be confident in performing each step of benefits realisation management and creating the outputs needed. Then, understand how governance works and the key roles essential for success. 

  3. Know the critical elements that must be done and what constitutes the minimum necessary. You will gain expert knowledge in the end-to-end approach and confidence in carrying out key roles. 

  4. Practice in creating benefits maps for essential governance processes.

  5. Understand what is needed for successful benefits realisation management and how to make it happen.

  6. How to help others understand what benefits realisation is and is not

  7. A working case study can be taken back to your workplace as an example of how benefits management can be applied.

This course is aimed at anyone who is or helps others, as part of using benefits realisation management.


You must have attended the Foundation Course as a minimum.


This Advanced course is a building block for additional levels of BM courses. 

The course runs for one day. It will take 8 hours to complete.

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