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Benefits Management Software

Benefits Management software exists to support organisations that are delivering major investment programs and portfolios.

Typical users are organisations where benefits need to well-articulated, tracked, planned and reported across the organisation.


Benefits Management software enables better management of value across portfolios and programmes.

Business case development

Makes the process is identifying and modelling benefits (using maps) much more manageable. A system should include a set of standard benefits that can be quickly reused across the organisation for many cases - protecting you from “double-dipping”. Benefits mapping software helps to visually illustrate the investment and demonstrate how the investment will unfold.  



Help identify the projects and changes required for benefits to be delivered. Define measures for reporting and planning. Consideration of both financial and non-financial measures. Ability to calculate values, use formulas and standard calculations such as Cost to Serve or Carbon Usage.



Ensuring initialised that are already will delivery the MOST significant benefit for the cost. The priority of projects, changes and investments should be judged using a mix of adaptable criteria—providing views that can stip out all financial elements to include criteria such as strategic alignment, risk, ROI, NPV and non-financial benefits.

Delivery management

A centralised system helped manage the day-to-day delivery of benefits. Data collection on actual performance from existing systems, uploads and on-line entry of benefit data by multiple users. Benefits Management software should include a wide range of dashboards to provide governance and oversight of expected benefits and outcomes.



Projects, programs and portfolios have controls in place to successfully deliver outcomes. That measures and benefits owners are engaged and actively playing a part in the investment. Day to day management of benefit-risk with supporting data available to make assurance easy.


Performance management. 

Help improve Benefits Management processes to improve the performance of projects. Dashboards should provide insights into investments so that decisions and corrective actions can be made.


Ascenza has partnered with Wovex to delivery Benefits Management software to achieve all the above goals.   

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